About Palau

As an investor, you will naturally be asking why you should choose Palau.  Here are but a few good reasons:

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  • Palau is one of the most beautiful, pristine nations on earth, and its people among the most hospitable.
  • Palau is primarily known as one of the best scuba diving sites in the world, though it also boasts great sport-fishing, surfing, sailing, ocean kayaking, hiking, and cultural attractions.
  • The island of Peleliu was the site of one of the bloodiest battles of World War II and remnants of the battle remain for your exploration.
  • Modeled after the United States form of government, Palau is a stable, modern democracy.
  • Palau uses the U.S. dollar as its currency.
  • Palau is ideally situated on the edge of the Pacific Rim, in the same neighborhood as Guam and the Philippines, and in the same time zone as Tokyo.
  • Palau’s most populous state of Koror boasts a sealed road system, dependable sewer and electrical services, modern communication systems, hotels and resorts, banking and other business services, and dozens of wholesale and retail stores.
  • Palau’s large island of Babeldaob is largely untouched and ready for development, with easy access via a 53 mile road built by the United States.
  • Palau has an ideal tropical climate, with an average annual temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is also out of the path of most typhoons.
  • Palau’s population provides a good workforce for new businesses, and can be supplemented with workers from nearby Micronesian Islands, the Philippines, Thailand, China, or other countries.
  • English is a designated official language of Palau, along with the Palauan language.
  • Palau International Airport is regularly served by daily flights from Guam, biweekly flights to Manila, and charter flights to both Japan and Taiwan.
  • Palau’s deepwater ports have regular container ship service.
  • Under the Compact of Free Association, the United States is committed to the defense of Palau, thereby creating a secure environment for investment.

Finally, Palau understands the need to attract foreign investment and is wholeheartedly committed to creating an environment that is friendly to foreign investors.  In his inaugural speech last year, President Johnson Toribiong stated:

“My major economic development policy is to welcome foreign investment to our shores to help us increase the economic benefits to our people and our government.  We need to bring Palau within the sphere of trade and commerce of the Asia Pacific Region and the world.  We should not be afraid of foreign investors. Our Constitution is our fortress and the United States is our protector.

And our nation has a strong tradition of the rule of law and impartial judiciary and these make Palau a safe and secure place to invest and do business in.

We have prospered through forging good relationships with foreign nations. We need a broader base of foreign investment and assistance to help us develop our island nation toward greater economic self sufficiency.”

With all of this going for it, you should not be asking “Why Palau?” You should ask yourself, “Why Not?”

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